KARL KENNEDY - Music and Sound Design
Recent theatre work includes music for 'The Infant' (Micari Productions); 'The Seagull' (National Youth Theatre at the Peacock Theatre); 'The last days of Judas Iscariot' (Making Strange Theatre Company); 'All over town' (Calipo); 'Eilamenope Jones' (Randolf SD); 'Comedy of Errors' (Abbey Theatre); sound design for 'Only a apple' (Peacock Theatre, composer Conor Linehan); and assistant sound designer for 'The resistible rise of Arturo Ui' (Abbey Theatre, composer Denis Clohessy).

Other theatre includes 'The Giant Blue Hand' (The Ark Children's Theatre with composer Denis Clohessy); music for 'Everybody loves Sylvia' (Randolf SD). 'Little Gem' and 'Meltdown' (Guna Nua); 'Phaedra's Love' (Loose Canon); 'End of the Line' (Cork Midsummer Festival 2008); 'Love's Labour's Lost' (Samuel Beckett Theatre, BAS Trinity); 'Howie the Rookie' (Granary Theatre Cork); 'They never froze Walt Disney' (Cork Midsummer Festival 2007 and Dublin Fringe 2008); 'A man in half' (Theatre Lovett with composer Nico Brown) and 'The shawl' (Bewleys Cafe Theatre). He was sound designer for 'Macbeth' (Siren Productions with composer Denis Clohessy) and sound co-designer for 'Unravelling the Ribbon' (Guna Nua with Denis Clohessy).